Vaginal implant with probiotics wins thrush

Scientists from the University of Camerino in the head with Christina, Verdinelli have developed a new method for the treatment of thrush. Special vaginal implant contains probiotics, which help to quickly and efficiently overcome fungal infection, informs The Times of India. It is quite possible that the device will become an alternative to traditional drugs against thrush.

At the moment we are the first tests that proved the effectiveness of the implant. During the experiments, the scientists investigated the activity of five species of lactobacilli against Candida. First of all, scientists were interested in the stability provided therapy, second, the possibility of growth of the fungus in the presence of beneficial probiotic bacteria.

Of the five species of bacteria is best showed himself the form of Synbio. The bacterium was perfectly acclimatized, forming a biofilm on the surface of the epithelium. In addition, Sunbio allocates peroxide, which actively fights against fungal infection.

The relevance of the development does not cause problems. Infectious agents each year gaining more and more resistant to traditional therapy. This is largely due to the widespread distribution and use of antibiotics.

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