Vacuum-roller massage

The procedure of mechanical impact on the fat layer by capturing the folds of the skin of the required thickness is referred to as vacuum-roller massage. Due to individual programmer can select a method of influence on the body. In the procedures is the splitting of fat cells, and accordingly the reduction of the required area. The effect remains for a long time to maintain which it is advisable to repeat the session once a month.

There are separate areas Endermologie, in which a vacuum-roller massage plays an important role:

Using special equipment for beauty salon, the doctor is able to deliver you from the following problems:

For optimal results, you must take the full course of treatment, which include 10 sessions, and combining it with other ways of correcting the body.

You must remember that vacuum-roller massage is contraindicated in certain diseases:

Vacuum-roller massage is completely painless and harmless procedure, through which cosmetologist able to adjust the shape of the patient. Before conducting the session you must comply with certain requirements: not to eat 2 hours before and after the procedure. After the massage the usual amount of fluid consumption should be increased in 2 times.

By following these simple recommendations, you will quickly achieve the desired result, will become the owner of a figure of their dreams and get rid of many health problems.

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