Vaccines have been developed, which cope with bacteria causing pneumonia

Australian firm GPN Vaccines said the vaccine that protects against all forms of bacteria that cause pneumonia. Note that according to the world health organization (who), the share of pneumonia in the total number of diseases leading to death among children under 5 years is 16%. There are several different strains of pneumococcus causing pneumonia, which complicates therapy and the process of development of a vaccine.

Submitted the drug, called Gamma-PN is a strain of pneumococcus that has been cultivated and inactivated using gamma radiation. She showed excellent results during tests on animals, the vaccine was able to prevent their death as a result of infection with various strains of pneumococcus. At the moment, experts are testing its toxicity.

Representatives of GPN Vaccines believe that their vaccine is the most effective to date. It affects the carbohydrates, which are actually the outer layer of pneumococcus. This vaccine was able to cover only 13 species of carbohydrates, while there are 98. Company representatives stress that cover all types just unreal.

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