Vaccine against asthma dust mites

Scientists from Monash University to develop a vaccine that can relieve asthma caused by house dust mite. In case of successful outcome of asthma can be cured in two or three vaccine application.

In Australia from asthma, the cause of which is the dust mite that affects more than 2 million people to get rid of this disease, patients should always be clean to dust furniture. The cure for this disease need to take constantly, and not all of it gives a positive result.

Professors El Meeusen and Robin O Henir strive to develop a vaccine that will cure in just a few applications that will not only improve the quality of life, but also a significant financial benefit.

In Australia to combat allergies is allocated seven billion dollars per year, reducing the cost of health care available when developing a successful vaccine will release huge amounts of money on further development of medicine.

Professor O' Heir also has made significant progress in developing a vaccine for peanut allergies, as currently no cure for it.

The difficulty of vaccine development from allergies that this disease is difficult to be detected in its early stages, doctors usually deal only with fully established allergies and the mechanism of its occurrence until recently traced was not.

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In the spring, many Allergy sufferers suffer most of all - flowering trees, poplar trees, pollen, all this makes the lives of ordinary Allergy unbearable, and many antihistamines slow reaction. Let's hope that Australian scientists will reveal the mechanism of occurrence of allergies and be able to put the production of vaccines from different types of allergies thread.

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