Vaccination - only!

If you analyze what can we oppose to infectious diseases, is the following picture. One means of combating infections is to date vaccination. Only thanks to this current generation of children escaped the infection of the most dangerous infectious diseases. Vaccination has won in his time, smallpox, polio, and measles.

Bloat rare cases of complications after vaccination in journalistic circles, unjustified hype around it, causing lack of public trust. If we talk about the complications of vaccinations carried out, we must understand that every drug, whether aspirin or aspirin, has a number of side effects. Fear of adverse reactions to the vaccine and not to be afraid to get sick of a dangerous infectious disease. Where is the logic? The child will get far more harm to their health in the event of illness, than after vaccination.

Before some time, and this period usually lasts a few months, the newborn has immunity. His immunity to diseases, primarily related to the fact that he's in utero from the mother through the placenta received antibodies. Infant and will continue to receive antibodies from their mother's milk, and it will acquire passive immunity, but it is a temporary phenomenon. It lasts about six months and during this time the baby will be completely immune to infectious diseases. Children who are bottle-fed, have a harder time. Not receiving breast milk their passive immunity fades to three months. After this period, the child becomes vulnerable and there is no vaccination can not do, unless of course you are not the enemy of your child.

Even in a maternity newborn receives the first BCG vaccination, which protects them from developing TB. The largest volume of vaccination falls on the first year of the baby's life. In three months of vaccination against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and polio, which is then repeated twice in 1.5 months. In the year he receives a vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella. When you turn 18 months once vaccination DPT. In two years, the child should receive the polio vaccine, also once. In 6 years, the children re-vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella and DT-M Reaching the age of 7 years must vaccinate with BCG. Every year children is the Mantoux test, are vaccinated against influenza.

Only through preventive vaccination is the guarantee that the child will not develop infectious diseases.

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