Vaccination of mice helps in the fight against Lyme disease

The causative agent of Lyme disease is Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium. The main symptoms of the disease are inflammation of the joints and pathology of the nervous system, informs New Scientist. The vaccine, which is mentioned in the article, was developed in 1998, but has not found wide application. The main reason was the frequent side effects in humans. In this study, the researchers proposed to vaccinate rodents, as they are the main reservoir of bacteria.

The disease vectors are ticks that feed on the blood of mice. If you vaccinate rodents, ticks will get a number of antibodies. The immune system begins to fight the bacteria and kill them. Scientists have developed an oral form of the vaccine and tested its effectiveness. Granules of vaccine and placebo scattered on the ground and produced mice with mites, thereby modeled natural conditions. It turned out that on the site with granules containing vaccine, the incidence of Lyme disease has fallen by 76% over five years.

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Now the vaccine sent to the procedure approved by the Ministry of agriculture of the United States. Scientists believe that new development can be applied on a par with conventional mousetraps. It should be noted that the granules will not be effective against other tanks disease: deer and skunks.

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