Vaccination against pertussis is recommended for pregnant

According to the new recommendations of the group of experts representing the U.S. government, all pregnant women should be vaccinated against pertussis and preferably in the third trimester.

The emergence of recommendations associated with the message Center of disease control and prevention for registration in the United States the highest since 1959, the incidence of pertussis. For the year identified 32 thousand cases, 16 of which ended in death, mostly young children.

Infection pertussis 30-40% of children from their mothers, half of whom required hospitalization. From hospitalized every fifth ill with pneumonia, and every hundredth case with fatal outcome.

According to Mark Siegel, Professor of Medical center of new York, the initiative should be welcomed, because vaccination is not dangerous for pregnant women. Not counting the annual flu vaccine, this vaccine is only acceptable during pregnancy. Maintaining immunity against pertussis is provided for 10 years, and so arose the current outbreak. As children vaccinated against pertussis is when they reach 2 months, they should be protected by the immunity referred to them by the mothers.

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Protection of the mother Siegel called the best way to protect newborns. According to the Professor, with milk children receive passive immunity.

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