Using own skin cells can be removed wrinkles

Every year plastic surgery is undergoing improvements. The number of abdominal operations is steadily declining, thereby allowing the use of newer, more sensitive methods. An example of this can serve as a method of removing wrinkles around the mouth by means of cells of the skin of the patient. Forty-two years of Francesa page is one of the first Americans, which experimented with this technology.

Methodology LaViv so-called cell therapy used for cosmetic purposes for the successful removal of wrinkles. This technology very first was approved by the Federal Agency for the surveillance of food and medicines of the USA.

The above technique is that the patient in the first stage from the back of the ears take three samples of the skin. Next, the samples sent to the laboratory, where they separate the collagen-producing cells, fibroblasts and during the 90 days to Mature. Upon expiration of the above period, the patient comes to the doctor for the procedure of the first injection. This procedure is repeated several times, but with an interval of 1 month.

A month later, you can already see the first results, unlike Botox injections, which give instant results that patients are not always satisfied. Because of the gradual transformation of man provides the ability to hide the fact that he resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon.

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