Using fat implant endocrinologists hope to help patients with obesity

In the treatment of obesity it is proposed to apply a new approach - transplant brown fat. According to WebMD, studies conducted on mice have shown the effectiveness of relevant transplants for weight loss and prevention of metabolic diseases.

Recall that due to heat brown fat calories are burnt. Its deposits are found in the interscapular area, along the spine, around the heart, neck and near the collarbone. Unlike the usual amount of brown fat is much less. According to the researchers, the metabolism can be accelerated, if slightly shift ratio.

To test the theory with the backs of the mice were taken samples of brown fat in the amount of 10 grams each. The experts, led by Laurie Hudler, made an infusion of the fat of other animals of the same age and gender. As she says, it is important to place the transplant. It was found that the presence of fat located in the abdominal region, in particular, around the liver depends on insulin resistance and the release of triglycerides. Once passed the 8 weeks, the mice received injections found the best sugar processing, reduced insulin resistance and less weight.

Test injections exposed animals fed with fatty foods. Fat has been able to provide a partial leveling of the negative effect of diet (keeping weight and sugar level). The increase in the number of transplanted fat was improved results. And the tests showed that in animals the increase of proteins and molecules responsible for the body's response to sugar in the blood.

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