Using bovine heart was restored liver women

The inhabitant of great Britain Michelle Morgan-Granger - one of the first patients, which was applied innovative surgery using tissue from the heart of a bull or cow for the treatment and recovery of the liver. Surgery gave me the opportunity to bring closer the moment when you will use the bodies of animals during xenotransplantation.

Forty-two years of Michelle in 2010 was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. Initially, the doctors reported that they are powerless in solving this problem. But two months later, the patient underwent the procedure during which she had removed the tumor in the liver together with a large part of the inferior Vena cava, the function of which is to return blood from the lower body back to the heart. This part was later restored using bovine pericardium is part of the external strip cow or bovine heart.

Bovine pericardium was used in some operations on the heart, but in order to restore the liver, it was used for the sixth time.

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Unlike synthetic materials, this material is from the heart of a bull reduces the risk of infection and formation of blood clots. In addition, its use saves patients from having long-term use of drugs, blood-thinning, with side effects. To reduce to zero the risk of infections, bovine pericardium is a series of treatments, including chemical.

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