Using a cheap tea bag there is a risk of fluoride poisoning

From the message The Daily Mail, the most primitive tea bags can increase the content of fluorine in the human body to a dangerous level. In turn, this may cause problems with bones and teeth. Scientists from the University of Derby, which was tested tea bags have come to believe that manufacturers are required to write on the packaging of tea quantity contained in tea bags fluorine.

The analysis revealed that the rate of use of fluoride for an adult should be no more than 3 or 4 mg per day. But in sachets, which for the price is the cheapest found content, which is higher than the RDA for 75 to 120 percent. In a liter of tea from these sachets contain as much as 6 mg.

It is no secret that fluoride accumulates in tea as it grows and the greatest amount is found already in the Mature leaves. It is known that such sheets into the pipeline processing and the subsequent production of cheap tea, in which the fluorine content is, of course, exceeds the norm. Eventually this can cause such diseases as: joint pain, weakening of muscle tissue, osteoporosis, deterioration of the teeth and strange as it might sound - cancer.

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The low content of fluorine in the black postfermentation tea from Puer - 0.7 mg/L. Problems can also occur under conditions that people always use toothpaste with fluoride, eat fish, and so on, the first sign of fluoride poisoning is the appearance of dark spots on the teeth. Talking about systemic disease can go when man used 10-20 mg of fluoride every day for one to two decades.

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