Useful than a peel walnut?

Walnut is known primarily for its fruits, which are both delicious and healthy. But few people know that healthy and all other parts of this tree. The bark, leaves and peel of the fruit contain a lot of useful minerals, has a unique combination between them. In this article, we will specifically talk about the fruit rind of the nut.

The rind of the nut has long been used in folk and traditional medicine as therapeutic and rehabilitation tool for people of any age. The unique combination of minerals, acids and vitamins, making the skin completely safe product, which is extremely rare. For information, you should specify that the content, for example, vitamin C in hazelnut shells exceeds its contents in black currant 8 times, and lemon - 50 times.

In addition, the peel contains iodine, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin P,B,A,C, and many minerals.

This natural complex has a beneficial effect on the whole human body, restoring its balance, normalizing mental state, calming the nervous system and improving sleep. Drunk on a night a little broth nut shell, you will ensure a peaceful and healthy night's sleep.

The rind of the nut and ozdoravlivayusche effect on the skin. Drugs, as well as decoctions and ointments on its basis, help to cope with herpes, eczema, boils and other skin problems, accelerate the healing of wounds. Even fresh wound will heal faster if you sprinkle it with crushed nut powder peel.

Walnuts have long been used for healthy hair. Washing the hair with a decoction of the rind, you can achieve a silky Shine and restore their structure. Broth can be dyed gray hair, all of which are brown in color.

Walnut skin, antibacterial ability to rejuvenate the body and cleanse the blood vessels from cholesterol deposits. The most important thing is to withstand the norm, not to eat too much broth peel walnut avoid allergic reactions.

Green peel walnut is the best remedy for digestive disorders. In particular, when nausea and vomiting, is 50 grams walnut tincture, then all the processes of digestion is fully normalized and well-being returns to normal. To prepare the nut tincture you need to take the peel 33 walnuts at the moment when she begins to burst on the fruit, pour three liters of vodka and stand in a dark place for at least one month. Thereafter, the infusion should be filtered and can be taken inside. You should not assume that walnut tincture can be taken only for adults. For children there is another proportion. Enough to breed from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of tincture in 100 grams of water and give to drink to the child.

Walnuts will help you get rid of health problems, and at the same time will save a lot of money that you would otherwise have to pay for the purchase of drugs, negatively affecting many organs.

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