Useful recommendations for hair loss

The most common reasons that lead to hair loss include stress and lack of vitamins, but actually this is not a complete list. To the emergence of this problem often leads hormonal change after birth, reduced immunity, impaired thyroid function, iron deficiency, diseases of the digestive system, intake of certain medications.

Often exacerbate the situation cold months - during this period the hair suffer the most. Changing weather conditions, wearing hats and stress can lead to increased hair loss.

The presence of inflammatory processes in the body too often becomes the cause of hair problems. If you had to recover from acute respiratory illness, influenza, scarlet fever, pneumonia, typhoid, with a strong temperature increase, most likely, the hair will fall out stronger.

Many women who had oily hair type are faced with hair loss, it is because the excess fat accumulated at the base of the hair, thereby limiting the access of oxygen and heavier hair. This leads to hair loss. Loss oily hair can be stopped, first, make sure that your head was always clean and fresh, pick a good shampoo for your hair type. Secondly, wash your hair with warm or cool water, but in any case not hot, it triggers the sebaceous glands and your clean head will quickly become greasy.

Experts advise to perform a set of simple guidelines that will help you maintain the hair.

1. To play sports. On the condition of the hair positively influence physical activity, and sex. Sport helps to improve blood circulation in the body, which belongs to the scalp. During sex can relieve stress, relax blood vessels, and this has a positive effect on the condition of the hair follicles.

2. Limit the use of dryers. If you still have to use the dryer, then blow-dry the hair you want at a distance of not less than twenty centimeters.

3. To provide your hair a rest. Your hair can get tired from long-term stress - perms, coloring, hair dryer. Therefore, the house should dissolve the hair and to give them a rest.

4. To paint hair no more than every two months.

5. If you have oily hair, perming can be performed twice a year, if dry - less.

6. To refuse perms in that case, if you have brittle, dry hair.

7. Apply systems for regeneration of the hair structure. The purpose of growth and strengthen the hair you can use a variety of oils, the most famous of which is burdock. This heated oil should be rubbed into the hair roots several times a week.

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Implementation of the proposed recommendations will help you forget about this unpleasant problem as hair loss. As a result, you will become the owner of a healthy, beautiful curls.

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