Useful properties of natural oils for the face

Natural oils are widely used in cosmetology. Women around the world have already discovered chudodeystvennoy effect of plant extracts on skin and body. Vegetable oils are found in many creams, masks, scrubs and other beauty products, which allows women to maintain their natural beauty and to be always on top. What natural oils will bring the maximum benefit?

Sesame oil is able to provide the skin with good nutrition and hydration. It has skin rejuvenating effect, protects them from ultraviolet radiation, relieves irritation. The skin becomes smoother, looks relaxed and calmed. Congote oil can safely be added to the cosmetics used for skin care around the eyes.

For oily and problem skin, perhaps better than the black cumin oil, today Danny is not found. Beauticians recommend it be used for the treatment of skin diseases, allergies, for oily skin. Apply this oil should be in combination with other oils of vegetable origin.

If the skin is dry and rough, suffers from lack of moisture, without pumpkin oil will not do. The use of means which include this natural elixir, helps to restore skin moisture balance, rejuvenate and refresh your skin, keep for a long time her health and beauty.

Shea butter is obtained from the pulp of the seed of the Karite tree. It has a firm texture, but on the skin melts easily, instantly evolutiva her invisible protective film. Shea butter is included in many cosmetics and homemade beauty recipes. It works to soften rough and dry areas of the face and body. Regular use of Shea butter to care for aging skin will regain elasticity to it and to bring it in shape. Often Shea butter add in cosmetic products intended to protect against UV radiation and other negative environmental influences.

Argan oil is obtained from seeds grown in Morocco "iron" tree. This is one of the rarest and most expensive oils in the world. It is used to care for rough, scaly, excessively dry skin. Nourishing oil will help restore its former beauty dull, aging skin. It has Zasulauks and anti-inflammatory properties.

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