Useful properties of cherry for health and beauty

The cherry drops without exaggeration, be called a unique plant. Scientists have even discovered the fact that the habitats of bird cherry trees do not live harmful bacteria. In the flowering period of this amazing plant in the area is posted such a heady aroma that he easily kills all disease-causing agents.

The most valuable component of this, or shrub or miniature tree, its fruit. Sweetish, black, rounded, and always with a bone inside - these are the fruits of cherry. They contain a great number of biologically active substances: organic acids, tannins, vitamins, sugars, volatile. In berry cherry many essential oils, as well as elements such as cobalt, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc and iron. Useful properties of cherry give her the right to be called "health".

Cherry is an excellent diaphoretic. Diseases, which are accompanied by increased body temperature, its use is invaluable. This plant is a wonderful natural antibiotic and an effective diuretic. Anti-inflammatory effect of the application of the cherry is so strong that it is even used to combat this serious disease, such as scurvy. The cherry at the same time has a sedative and stimulating effect that can not help but surprise, isn't it? Tea with cherry useful to use during a cold. He and fever.

Benefit to the human body is able to bring all parts of the plant. The fruit, the best way affect the digestive tract, helping to eliminate undesired operation. Useful these miracle berries for men - they increase the potency.

The presence of the cherry of substances such as volatile, makes her an "enemy" of many pathogenic microorganisms. Successfully apply the cherry and to combat parasites in the human body.

Cherry is a wonderful tool for lifting immunity. Its use promotes the effective strengthening of the immune system. To make use of cherry best effect to help expert advice, which must be agreed taking this "natural doctor".

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Remember, even the most useful product when they are not using it can cause the body to irreparable damage! Follow the rules of admission cherry and be healthy!

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