Useful properties of chamomile for women's health and beauty

Chamomile essential for women for all occasions". Useful properties of chamomile know since ancient times. It improves the skin condition, decoctions from it lighten hair, normalizes sleep. It is used against inflammation, spasms: gastric, intestinal, renal colic and as a carminative agent. Infusions of chamomile to treat rheumatism, allergic gastritis and colitis, is used in the delay of menstruation and pain in the uterus for the treatment of bronchial asthma, inflammation of internal organs, colds with fever, sore throat.

Not all know that chamomile is used as a mild laxative and diaphoretic. From the few drink teas as a cholagogue and at the same time enemas chamomile cleanse the rectum from undigested fats. Used as an emollient and disinfectant together with essential oil of chamomile and to alleviate allergic reactions. Chamomile oil activates the Central nervous system, is used for stimulating the reflex activity, accelerated breathing, normalization of heart rate, dilation of the vessels of the brain.

Chamomile tea: take 2 tsp. of inflorescences per 1 Cup of boiling water. Zaparivajut the teapot and allow to stand 10 minutes. It is advisable to drink 1-3 Cup a day.

To give hair a Golden hue, you must wash your hair with a strong decoction of chamomile flowers. From a cold in the nose lay fresh chamomile flowers, pre rubbed them.

Face mask: First prepare a saturated napar from chamomile flowers and wash the face, don't wipe. Before you leave the house, make-to-face cloth or gauze soaked in a mixture of: carefully mix (or shake in a blender) raw egg yolk with honey and almond oil (1 teaspoon), a strong decoction of chamomile (1-2 tablespoons). The skin will have a pleasant and smooth.

Bath with chamomile: used when the presence of wet eczema, wounds, ulcers, skin rashes, gouty tumors. In one liter of water to boil 4 tablespoons of chamomile and add sea salt - 1 tablespoon Broth no sediment added to the bath.

Poultices from fluxes, gout and rheumatic pains: fill pads the chamomile flowers and black elderberry (equally). Pour pads boiling water and warm, then add to the problem.

Napar from chamomile essential for washing purulent wounds, ulcers, mouth rinse, wash out the eye from inflammation, perform douching with whites, lotions inflamed and swollen areas. Cure eczema, boils, felon, itching, wash out the ear (with the addition of hydrogen peroxide, 5%).

Gastritis and peptic ulcer disease treated with tea from a mix: you will need chamomile and lemon balm (1 tsp. to 1 Cup of boiling water).

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