Useful properties of berries

Berries - the eternal companions of the summer and autumn. These amazing gifts of nature are concentrated many of flavonoids, antioxidants and substances that are necessary for normal functioning of the immune and circulatory systems, heart and other important organs.

To give a person the benefit capable of without exception, all edible berries. They are for the human body source of vitamins and antioxidants, minerals. Carbohydrates berries also have a high value. Out of habit, many of us think that the main coming into our body carbohydrate is a sugar. Actually, berries contains fructose. It is two times sweeter than sugar, so the caloric content of the berries is much lower. This important fact should pay attention to patients with diabetes and want to lose weight people.

Blueberries - one of the most powerful berries. It allows for many years to maintain good eyesight, memory, lower cholesterol, speed up the recovery of the nerve cells. Regular consumption of blueberries will allow the body to successfully fight cancer. This berry improves the blood, so it is recommended for anemia. In blueberries contain: vitamin P and, microelement (copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron). The body of blueberries are able to absorb 90% of the nutrients.

BlackBerry has a rich content of vitamin E, which supports the cardiovascular system. Folic acid, also found in this berry has a positive effect on the body of women who are only planning a baby or are already in happy anticipation of a small child. It strengthens bones of the developing baby and his mother. Useful properties of BlackBerry was already appreciated by many girls and women.

Raspberry is also included in the list of the most useful berries. In this miracle berry contains salicylic acid, so tea with raspberries is an excellent analgesic. A decoction is similar to the action of aspirin, but there is no detrimental effect on gastric mucosa. Raspberry is a low - calorie, diet product that effectively rids the body of excess fluid. The berry contains ellagic acid, which is a good tool for cancer prevention, maintain male potency, growth of the human body.

Black currant is a storehouse of vitamin C, which supports healthy skin, teeth, bones, accelerates the healing process, uderjivat in body iron. To meet the daily needs of the body of vitamin C is enough to eat about 50 grams of black currant. Doctors recommend eating this berry as the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, development of dementia. Red currant contains substances, which can effectively improve the metabolism, excrete toxins and waste products.

Cranberry has a strong antibacterial effect. A special substance which it contains, does not allow bacteria and viruses to grow in the human body. Cranberries are recommended for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the stomach, urinary tract. It also benefits the teeth.

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Many benefits to the human body can and such berries as gooseberries, strawberries, sea buckthorn, cranberry, sea-buckthorn. To get from these fruits the maximum benefit, it is necessary to minimize the time of heat treatment. Choosing the right method of preservation will allow the entire year to include in your diet delicious and healthy berries.

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