Useful products: how useful they really are?

History shows that every ten years in the world there is one product which everyone starts to say that he is the most useful. Today there is hardly anyone who will say that Coca-Cola is useful. But in the 19th century it was considered quite an effective demulcent, and it was sold in pharmacies. By the way, soothing properties gave the drink a Coca leaves, but for many years, as technology has changed, and it uses the caffeine. From the old soothing Coca-Cola is not gone, because it has lost its healing and beneficial properties.

100 years ago for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the digestive system was not better than yogurt. Today he also has not lost its healing properties, and so far its doctors prescribe to their patients who need to follow a diet.

Another example is the "Doctor" sausage, which began to be produced in 1936. In that time she has lived up to its name and was a real diet product. Today you can rarely get a real "Doctor", as many meat save on their customers ' health.

Soy has gained popularity in the 30 hich years of the last century. Especially loved her women, because soy had a lot of useful properties. Today against soy is twofold. Many continue to believe that it is useful for the female body, but there are also opponents of its application as a useful product because it is a genetically modified product.

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