Useful products have been banned

For a long time nutritionists give people advice on how you need to eat right. As a rule, a healthy diet is not complete without fish, vegetables, eggs and nuts. However, in accordance with the new rules, which are currently in the EU, many products that are traditionally considered to be useful, are banned. The purpose of these innovations is to combat hazardous to health food supplements that promote weight loss.

In heart disease experts recommend eating foods that contain omega-3 fats, and vegetable stearine. But now the ban will affect soy products, which helps normalize the body's cholesterol level. The intestines can now be treated using activated carbon and lactulose, probiotics will be completely excluded from the sale. There were even thought to prevent prunes.

To suppress the appetite nutritionists advise using methylcellulose. Eating pasta, oats, and whole grains was considered to be absolutely ineffective. This category included honey and broccoli. To improve energy level, doctors recommend the use of b vitamins, magnesium, and energy drinks, and tea nutritionists consider useless.

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