Use quartz lamps at home

To begin to understand what is a quartz lamp. Quartz is called gazoraspredeleniye lamps, operating on the principle of low pressure. In these lamps, in order to obtain the ultraviolet radiation used mercury vapors in the flask, which is made of quartz glass. Simply put, these lamps operate on the same principle as the familiar fluorescent lamps. The only difference is the implementation in the fluorescent lamps gas discharge tube of a different material.

In quartz emitters of ultraviolet rays work directly, because even a quartz glass acts as a filter. Quartz emitters can have a different device, depending on their purpose:

- open bactericidal;

closed bactericidal;

- special applications.

Quartz lamp open type used most often in hospitals and kindergartens. But, it is in the home, especially if the house is sick or children. This procedure is kvartsevanie very useful as it cleans the premises UV light from pathogenic viruses and bacteria. These lamps are beautiful, simple and affordable disinfector. There are conditions for their application during kvartsevanie and people, and animals must leave the treated premises to avoid the negative effects of UV rays. Quartz emitters of the closed type in the home does not apply.

But UV quartz lamp special applications are the most popular bulbs used in the home. Such emitters are certainly necessary and mothers with small children, the elderly and those who suffer from chronic diseases.

Exposure to quartz using a radiator of this type is not only used to disinfect the premises. These lamps are very useful for treatment of skin diseases and acne rashes, joint diseases, diseases of the respiratory system and upper respiratory tract, diseases of the scalp, and so forth. Quartz lamps are perfectly applicable to combat viral and infectious diseases. Compensate for natural sunlight and strengthen the immune system during the cold season of the year. For cosmetic purposes, they are used to improve the condition of skin and soft tan. Quartz lamps for use in the home, you should choose the modification, which is most suitable for the intended use, as produced models huge amount.

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