Use cardamom for body, mind, and spirit

The popularity cardamom acquired in India and Sri Lanka, and from there he came to us as a culinary spice. Now it can be found in any kitchen, these seeds of the shrub have a range of not only the taste and health qualities, that is why they decided to treat the whole list of ailments.

Cardamom is a rich source of vitamins, including b, zinc, calcium, minerals, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. It naturally improves the digestive system, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and increases appetite. Use it and when you struggle with hiccups.

Before cardamom is widely used for cleaning the stomach, as well as for lighting breathing and inflammations. Most often in the kitchen cardamom added to cakes and rice, different drinks.

At the same time cardamom is a good diuretic, which also improves the functioning of the urinary system and kidneys. Since olden times people were known anesthetic properties of cardamom, in many Asian countries it was used for toothache, cystitis, pain in the joints.

This will help spice and cope with depression or stress, people who often eat more optimistic and even more smiles. A product capable of stimulating the brain that help a person to concentrate on intellectual tasks. When the General tonus of the organism cardamom gives the best mental and physical performance, saving man from fatigue. People who cardamom, almost protected from headaches from stress or fatigue.

If you want to cardamom imperceptibly, but surely improve your health and wellbeing, simply add it to your meals. The rate of the extract of cardamom is best to apply the advice of a doctor.

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