Us doctors cure child born with HIV

At the annual 21-th conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections in Boston doctors from Los Angeles reported the first successful case of removal of the child from birth HIV virus. The first success in this area has reached the doctors Mississippi.

Congenital HIV infection passes from an infected mother to her child. Treatment of congenital HIV is aggressive therapy in the first hours after birth. Therapy in the latter case, lasted a year and a half. Control tests conducted in 10 months, excluded the presence of virus in the blood.

All of a year and a half sick girl was under the scrutiny of doctors from Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the virus was no longer detected as early as six days after the start of therapy, the doctors continued to prescribe specific drugs, as there was no certainty that the infection will come back in the body and will continue its March.

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Now the health of a small patient is not in danger, doctors confidence was told the girl was cured.

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