US against the donors of non-traditional sexual orientation

A ban on the donation of men with non-traditional sexual orientation is valid in the United States for a long time: it's been 40 years since the introduction of this law. The reason for its introduction is a frequent presence at the donors of such diseases as AIDS and HIV. Homosexuals are at risk for these diseases.

Many studies confirm this fact: the percentage of AIDS and HIV in such people is higher than among people with traditional orientation. Not rare, and cases of hepatitis B and C. a Ban on the donation should not be considered as discrimination, scientists say. These measures are nothing more than a security feature.

2/3 of the cases of AIDS and HIV in men occur during sexual contact with a representative of the same sex. It should be noted that there is a growing incidence among groups of young people and even teenagers.

Scientific Association argues that there is nothing to fear. Now donated blood undergoes a complete range of analyses, including the analysis on AIDS and HIV, hepatitis, and further processed and separated into plasma and separate the formed elements.

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