Urticaria in adults - causes and treatment

At least once in their life urticaria concerned about each person. Urticaria is dermatitis, called polietiologic dermatosis, is manifested in the form of red itchy blisters on the body. Their appearance is reminiscent of sting and often both children and adults.

Causes of urticaria in adults varied:

• the use of medication and certain foods;

• insect bites;

• contact with the plant pollen and mites;

• vaccination;

• blood transfusion;

• gastritis and stomach ulcers;

• hepatitis, cholecystitis and endocrine diseases;

• sunlight and frost;

• detergents, pet hair and much more.

As manifested by urticaria in adults? This is primarily severe itching and burning, when brushing on the skin appear pink and red blisters, round and oval shapes or interconnected, they can be flat or rise above the surface of the skin. This rash can be in any part of the body, can cause severe swelling, fever up to 39 degrees fever and loss of appetite. The main feature of the rash is that once the blisters are in their place there is no scarring or burns, nor white pyatin, nor any traces.

Before treatment urticaria, it is necessary to identify the cause, consult a doctor, get tested. The main types of treatment include:

• first of all, it is necessary to regulate the diet, to drink vitamin complex, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine, ciankobalamin or other medications that are prescribed by the doctor;

• for constipation are assigned probiotics and laxative;

• required to take antihistamines, relieving swelling and itching, such as: Tavegil, Suprastin, Zyrtec, etc;

• in the acute form prescribed anti-allergic drugs;

• chronic urticaria treatment period can take up to three months and include the use of desensitizing, antihistamines and stimulating the adrenal glands drugs, enterosorption and hemosorption and other

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In the complex treatment and prevention of urticaria should be hardened, relax in the spas and the sea, to eat, to abandon harmful priving and to avoid stressful situations.

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