Urologists warn that beer and Smoking can cause infertility

Infertility may also be affected by stress and narrow linen. Leading Russian urologists recently were named as the main causes of infertility in men. As is evident from anti rating, in most cases, men's health literally lies in the hands of his master.

The Smoking. Tobacco contributes to a significant reduction in sperm production, gradually bringing the man to infertility, as well as a significant reduction in the production of the hormone testosterone, this factor also affects sexual impotence.

The abuse of beer. For the production of beer are preservatives that are created on the basis of female hormones, they displace from the male body, "his" hormones.

Tight clothing and underwear. The constant squeezing of the genitals becomes the reason of impaired circulation and venous stasis.

Stress, one way or another, affect men's health, hence the breach of the production of sperm and male hormones.

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It follows that beer in large quantities, Smoking, wearing tight underwear and clothing, as well as the stresses of today are the main enemies of men's health, and the sooner the man realizes that the above factors are its worst enemies, the better it will be for him.

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