Urinary infection in men

Between the excretory and reproductive systems of humans there is a close relationship. Therefore, in clinical practice they are often combined in the urogenital system. Most often affect the genitourinary tract agents urogenital infections. This is different parasites, viruses, fungi and bacteria. Typically, these diseases infectious nature are transmitted through sexual contact (unprotected sexual intercourse). However, there are cases of contact-household infection and the pathogen can penetrate into the body of the child from his mother while passing through the birth canal.

Currently, doctors are seriously concerned that urinary infections are the undisputed leaders among urological and gynecological diseases, causing various complications, as well as provoking the development novoobrazovaniya processes. Very often they become perpetrators of secondary female and male infertility, and also cause erectile dysfunction.

Urinary infection in men, primarily affect the lower parts of the urinary tract, and women infected tissues and organs of the body, penetrating along the ascending path. Due to the fact that often these diseases are asymptomatic, it is very difficult to diagnose the pathological process. In most cases, patients develop cystitis or urethritis, which if untreated can cause the development of prostatitis and pyelonephritis.


Often urinary infections are accompanied by acute or chronic form of urethritis. In case of inadequate treatment (or complete absence) of acute urethritis gradually slow character and becomes chronic process, which is characterized by temporary relapse.

On the etiology of the pathogen that caused the development of urogenital infections, urethritis happens gonorrheal and negoianu (nonspecific).

Gonorrheal urethritis is a disease that is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact with a carrier of gonorrhea. Nonspecific form of urethritis occurs in patients with trichomoniasis, and other genital infections. This condition in medical practice is called primary urethritis.

If the infection penetrates into the urogenital system of the other body, is diagnosed secondary urethritis.


This disease, which develops in the case of penetration of infectious pathogen directly into the bladder. During the development of the pathological process inflamed its mucous membrane. Often cystitis develops due to an inflammatory process in the vagina or on the cause of bacterial vaginosis. However, this pathology can be caused by hypothermia and weakening of the immune system, as these conditions often entail increasing the aggressiveness of the pathogen.


This inflammatory process by which suffer from renal pelvis and surrounding tissue. It should be noted that very often this disease affects children and pregnant women. The disease occurs on the background of the General intoxication of the organism, often develops fever and increased body temperature. Patients complain of aching pain in the lower back (kidney area), which is worse with a deep breath, and have problems with urination. In the absence of adequate treatment, the pathology can turn into a chronic form.


This is a strictly male disease, which develops when the penetration of infection in the prostate. Typically, this disease is the result not treated urogenital infections and entails many different and dangerous complications.

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Before proceeding to the treatment of urinary infections should undergo a comprehensive diagnostic examination that will reveal the true cause of the disease. Only by knowing the nature of the pathogen, it is possible to completely get rid of all of pathological manifestations.

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