Urinary incontinence - causes and treatment

Incontinence brings to women a lot of unpleasant moments in life. Some doctors are unable to deal with this delicate issue and most believe that it is only physical defect, and health authorities not affected.

Problems with incontinence can start at any age for a variety of reasons, sometimes not depending on the women themselves. Special attention deserves incontinence in older women, which is often only due to age and hormonal changes in the body of women. To fix the problem is quite difficult, older women try to cope on their own and more turn in on themselves.

The reasons that most often contribute to the formation of this disease in women in all age categories:

• The disease appears after multiple births due to weakening of the pelvic muscles.

• Incontinence can cause excess weight because of the strong pressure of the body of the bladder.

• If you continuously wear heavy objects.

• Lesions of the genitourinary system infection (known cystitis).

• Hormonal and psychological disorders of the body.

• The weakening of pelvic floor muscles.

• Harmful lifestyle can also affect the urinary system, which will respond urinary incontinence.

• Use of certain drugs has side character in the form of urinary incontinence.

After complaints of the patient is determined by the stage and form of urinary incontinence. Conducted a comprehensive survey of tests and ultrasound, x-ray diagnostics. After identifying the forms and causes of urinary incontinence are assigned appropriate measures to eliminate the disease. They can be conservative and, in extreme cases, surgical treatment of this disease.

Conservative methods allow using physiological procedures (electrostimulation of muscles), exercises to strengthen the relevant muscles and medicines to get rid of problems with the bladder.

Drugs inhibit the contraction of the pelvic muscles, help to cope with the problem. It is recommended to take hormonal drugs in the elderly. You can use the methods of folk medicine such as decoctions and infusions of St. John's wort, plantain and centaury.

From urinary incontinence affects not only women, but also children and men. Male urinary incontinence is largely also due to stress, age, habits and other factors.

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