Unwanted hair removal laser: advantages and disadvantages

Every woman wants to have smooth soft skin with no signs of vegetation. This can help in laser hair removal, which allows you once and for all to stop the growth of hair. But, like any other procedure, this technique has its advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of using laser hair removal

• Painless procedure.

• Hair removal on any part of the body, including the chest, above the upper lip and so on

• One session takes little time.

• Skin after the procedure remains beautiful and smooth, without redness and burns, allergic reactions, because the radiation acts only on the hair without affecting the skin, and thus, eliminating the infection.

• The laser beam has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

• Excluded ingrown hair in the skin, as it often happens when the mechanical removal of hair.

• There is no need for prior preparation.

• The effect of the procedure appears in the first session.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal

• The high cost.

• The need for a whole course of treatment that takes a lot of time to achieve results.

• Laser hair removal increases the sensitivity of the skin, because after the procedure it is forbidden to sunbathe within 14 days and before you go outside on a Sunny day, use sunscreen, otherwise the skin can be coated pigment spots.

• Hair removal only fair skinned women with dark hair because the laser energy is transmitted as a melamine - pigment coloring hair and skin.

• There are a number of contra-indications: skin diseases, Oncology, gray and blonde hair, tanned or bronzed skin, diabetes.

• Laser hair removal is not effective in endocrine diseases, because hair can re-start their growth.

• With particularly sensitive skin may be a slight redness that does not require treatment, but passes through a short time.

Laser hair removal performed in specialized clinics on innovative equipment. Previously, experts recommend women to pass the examination to get a really secure service.

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