Unwanted hair in the bikini area and the methods of dealing with them

The growth of hair in the bikini area is quite unpleasant aesthetic problem for some women. And with the onset of the beach season this becomes especially important. Modern cosmetology offers many effective means to address this issue.

All methods of getting rid of unwanted hair are divided into two main groups - epilation and depilation. First the most radical and involves the removal of hair along with the root, which prevents their further growth. The second method removes only the portion of the hair which protrudes above the skin.

The most common in everyday life is waxing. It is the most accessible for most women and do not require large expenditures. The simplest method is the usual razor. But along with all the advantages there are also disadvantages of the procedure have to spend almost every day since deleted the hairs grow very quickly and, moreover, become more rigid.

Very well suited for bikini line depilatory creams, it works gently and effectively, but also requires frequent applications. Hot wax removes hair for a long time, but the procedure is quite painful and sensitive areas not suitable.

In addition to home methods are also available and salon treatments. The influence of the electric current and the electrolysis is usually quite effective, although accompanied by painful sensations.

The best option today is ultrasonic or laser hair removal, allowing you to painlessly get rid of unwanted hair for the long term. The only disadvantage of the procedure is its high cost. Quite effective is photoepilation, mechanism of action which is based on the destructive effect of the light beam on the root system of the hair.

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Salon treatments to remove unwanted hair have some contraindications - cicatricial changes and inflammatory skin diseases, tumors, diabetes, varicose veins. In addition, care should be taken in pregnancy and coronary heart disease.

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