Unusual basis of the diet heroine TV shows - petrol

The heroine of the reality show "My strange addiction" Shannon its gastronomic preferences surprised doctors and spectators. The woman regularly drink gasoline, although it understands that it is a mortal danger, reports Yahoo! News.

In the day, according to the Shannon, she drinks gasoline for 12 teaspoons. "First mouth feel tingling, and then in the throat starts burning. Although the physical aspect is quite unpleasant and quite dangerous, but I still feel immense pleasure. I also like to inhale petrol fumes," says Shannon.

Over the past year, Shannon directly from the canister drank 18 gallons of fuel. Meanwhile, experts from the Department of health (new York) state: "the Use of gasoline threatens burns, vomiting and diarrhea. And a significant amount of fuel can cause drowsiness and even death".

By the way, before medical journal reported on the Chinese by the name of Chen Dezzani. For 42 years he drinks gasoline. He believes that this "medicine" helps him to cope with the physical pain caused by emphysema. Man monthly drinks gasoline of the order of 3-3 .5 liters.

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