Unusual allergic to Christmas

The boy named Archie Sims observed very interesting allergic reaction to all items or food, one way or another connected with the Christmas holidays, writes The Daily Mail.

The boy is a reaction to the dishes that are traditionally served on Christmas table: pies, nuts, cheese and candy.

Besides, he's allergic to animals, and it is strictly forbidden to approach the den.

Archie Sims is covered in a rash if he picks up a fir cone, and, consequently, the Christmas tree is also not for him.

Plastic and other synthetic materials also cause an attack of allergies. Besides all mentioned above, tests have shown the presence of the boy has allergies to milk and milk products, eggs, soy, citrus. The preservatives that are found in baby juices or other canned goods also it is contraindicated.

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The doctors are puzzled and can not explain the cause of allergic reactions. Anyway, the boy will have to live your life, controlling everything that it takes in food and he touches. At the moment, the boy's parents keep her son on the diet.

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