Until retirement dies every third man

Lydia Tkachenko - leading researcher of the Institute of demography and sociological studies of the NAS of Ukraine said: "today in Ukraine a chance to survive until retirement have almost 70 percent of men and more than 85 percent of women reported More.

"In our country the chance to live to retirement age have almost 70 percent of men and more than 85 percent of women, and after the retirement age for men, life expectancy averages of 15.5, and for women the figure is more than 20 years," says L. Tkachenko.

L. Tkachenko also notes that the developers of the pension reform was defined not so much the duration of life in General, but only the period of time spent in retirement.

Tkachenko also expressed his belief that the government should allocate more funds for health development. "The fact that currently there is very little. This is a huge issue for us. You must create the appropriate structure for healthcare Ukrainians - it is for the authorities is a priority", she added.

In Ukraine earlier it was decided to increase the retirement age gradually: for women it was from 55 to 60 years and, accordingly, increase the insurance experience of 10 years, both for men and for women.

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