Unsuitable for transplant donor kidney American scientists grow again

About 20 percent of kidneys taken from dead donors in the United States and intended for transplantation in the future are not suitable for transplantation due to a number of factors. These are scarring of the blood vessels and stay kidneys for a long time without blood and oxygen. This situation has led the scientists to think about how to do that instead transplantation of such unsuitable donor organs would be possible to process them, and thereby to solve the problem of scarcity.

Experts from the medical center Wake forest seems to be able to answer this question. A detailed report published in the journal Biomaterials. In it the researchers suggest unsuitable for further kidney transplantation be used as a natural frame for playback of donor organs in the laboratory with the help of regenerative medicine.

The authors of the study say that every year in the United States become unsuitable over 2600 donor kidneys. It should be noted that in the USA there is a huge queue of people in need of transplants, and therefore have a donor organ, which is not suitable for transplantation, is quite pitiable. It is therefore unsuitable for transplant donor material will serve as a base to create a new body.

In the process, the so-called "processing", unfit body is washed with a special substance that removes all cells, leaving only the skeleton of the kidney. Then, in this frame transplanted cells acceptor, and after some time you get a new body, which, theoretically, may not cause rejection by the body.

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