Unique nanoparticles will be used for the treatment of coronary heart disease

Breakthrough of Russian specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease are unique nanoparticles. As mentioned in the "Russian newspaper", one of the main causes of mortality in most countries is coronary artery disease. However, the treatment has a large number of risks as a potent medicinal substances having a selective action, can harm healthy tissue. These facts gave impetus to scientists to develop nanoparticles that were carriers for drugs (the cell's action significantly reduces the risk of various complications).

Assumes that such charged drug particles are dealt with at the maximum possible distance to the damaged tissue and only there to release the active substance. The very same carrier particle will not accumulate in the body, and dissolve. The tests on animals showed that the effect of these particles has low toxicity and reduces side effects. Nanoneedle presented a modified molecule of silica, which has a size of 150 nanometers, which allows him to enter with needles.

Head of the research laboratory of metabolic processes of the myocardium D. Sonin said that the development and improvement of the various methods of targeted drug delivery in the treatment of coronary heart disease is one of the leading trends in pharmacology. It is aimed at the creation of particles – carriers, which allow to locally increase the drug concentration in the damaged tissues and reduce to a minimum possible side effects.

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