Unique cups and straws will be able to prevent the pumping drugs

The company Drink Savvy announced the development of a unique material capable of changing color upon contact with a liquid in which there is the presence of traces of drugs. As told by founder Mike Abramson, material makes possible the creation of a number of products, including cups, tubes, razmeshyvala.

In addition to the use in hospitals, similar items you can use in everyday life to reduce the number of rapes during the visits. According to Yahoo! News, many victims first pumped drugs.

The most extensive is the use of butyrate, ketamine and rohypnol. They have no smell, color and taste. At this time, Drink Savvy collects 50 thousand dollars to start the production of cups and straws. The sale of goods is planned via the Internet.

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Abramson argues that annually the effects of drugs are more than a million people. It is expected that in the near future statistics will improve. By the way, Israeli scientists last year created a straw-sensor to help identify with 100% accuracy the two most common drugs used by offenders.

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