Unfair competition: under the gun Actovegin


Dear colleagues!

After years of work in Ukraine, the company Nycomed has established itself as a manufacturer of quality medical products, and "Actovegin" tool No. 1 for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system is as reliable and effective formula proven 30-year-old medical practice.

Currently in medical institutions of the country are distributed materials aimed at discrediting our company and the drug Actovegin. In response to distributed anonymous sources misinformation that is highly customized and manipulative nature, must bring to Your attention that the drug Actovegin remains unchanged for decades. The drug is imported from Austria in sealed ampoules, Packed and pass the quality control on the production capacity of "Kusum Pharm", scrip. Thus, the company Nycomed can fully guarantee the constant high quality of the drug.

The potassium content in the active substance of the drug Actovegin specified in the registration documents and is 2 mg/ml, as evidenced by the results of the analysis of the Central laboratory of the state inspection. This concentration is 50 times lower than the acceptable threshold and may not be causing any side effects.

Actovegin registered in Ukraine (reg. certificate № UA/11232/01/01 dated 13.12.2010,) and recommended for use by the Ministry of health of Ukraine. No prohibitions against drug trafficking in the Ukraine Ministry of health of Ukraine did not take!

I also want to notify You that the fact of unfair competition, our company has taken the appropriate measures against the organizers of the event, to our knowledge, has opened a criminal case.

Calling all doctors of Ukraine: You as a responsible and professional people from solutions which depend the health and even the lives of the people should trust only proven and reliable information and to prevent the spread of false information on the basis of which in need of emergency treatment people may be denied the use of effective and reliable drug - aktovegin.

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