Unequal age marriages are not marriages

People who are elderly or young companions, often poorly educated, earn less, have an indifferent cognitive abilities and rather ordinary appearance, in comparison with those people who are married with their peers or age, reports The Times of India.

This conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Colorado Terra, Machines and Hani Mansour. It should be noted that this opinion is contrary to the popular belief that the unequal age marriages are always on the calculation. In reality, the greater the age difference, the stronger the negative aspect. In their study, the researchers used statistics for 1960-2000, the Researchers analyzed the age in which they were married, and when they were educated, what they had income and other factors.

As it turned out, those people who went to College for 4 years, mostly married with their peers. After they graduated, they went to work, which was quite promising. This age coincides with the time when people usually get married. Meanwhile, lower education and not-so-promising work was the reason that people chose as a life partner of a person older or younger than him. Thus, preferences relating to age, are directly related to social living conditions.

Interestingly, those men who were married to older or younger than themselves, women earned less than others. However, adult women are always trying to find a younger partner.

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