Unemployment every year leads 45 thousand people to suicide

Unemployment suppresses the motivation of the person increases his stress level. According to the latest study by scientists from the University of Zurich on the unemployment rate, up to 45 thousand people a year commit suicide because of lack of work.

The crisis in the economy leads to an increase in unemployment in most countries. Not everyone can boast of stress and the opportunity at any time to change jobs and find a new place. However, the problems in the economy, scientists believe, do not play a decisive role. In periods of economic stability people perceive as painful dismissal.

According to statistics, 2010-2011 the suicide rate of unemployment increased by 20-30%. People lose touch with society without work. No foreseeable prospects and the need for money pushed to extreme measures.

Scientists advise the government of the country to draw attention to the problem and how to behave in cases of mass dismissals.

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