Uncomfortable shoes can cause ulcers on the feet of patients with diabetes

Everyone knows that shoes has a lot of unpleasant moments. The pain, calluses, blisters - these are just a few consequences from wearing uncomfortable shoes. The mentioned effects are healthy people and patients with diabetes people the seriousness of the consequences increases. As found by scientists from the Netherlands, diabetics who wear uncomfortable shoes, you may experience leg ulcers.

It is caused by poor circulation in the lower extremities, which occurs due to uncomfortable shoes. Diabetics, by themselves, already have a similar problem, as due to destruction of blood vessels in them begins the development of peripheral neuropathy.

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The results of the study among 107 people diagnosed with diabetes has shown that only one third of respondents performs in practice doctors ' recommendations about the choice of footwear. In addition, scientists have found that progressive peripheral neuropathy can be stopped in the case, if the patient is wearing comfortable shoes. In this case we are talking not only about shoes to wear home, but also about shoes for the street.

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