UN warns of global distribution of pharmaceutical drug abuse and drug-sintetico

By 2050, the number of drug addicts will increase the frightening 25 percent. And this happens mainly due to the rapid growth of the urban population, which is observed in developing countries, on the basis of the report of the United Nations, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

Experts also predicted increase in the number of drug addicts, disappear because of cultural barriers, and the establishment of gender equality.

It should be said that the level of consumption of heroin and cocaine drops, reducing the interest of those drugs from Western Europe and North America. Accordingly, there is a shift towards developing countries. But hemp as a leader in use around the world is not going to leave.

That relates to synthetic drugs and medicines, according to experts, more and more people will apply. This applies in particular to continents such as Australia and the USA.

Research about 230 million people showed the following results in 2010 every 20th drugs were taken at least once in life. Worldwide, there are about 27 million people are chronic drug addicts. Simultaneously, for the period from 2010 to 2011 year in Afghanistan, opium production has increased by 61 percent. In the world in total is about 7 thousand tons of opium, according to the last year. 70 percent of the heroin addicts today live in Africa and Asia.

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Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of the UN office on drugs and crime (UNODC) States: "Drugs annually kill about 200 thousand people." But the Global Commission on drug policy, there is confidence that the situation could improve the decriminalization of drug use. It is the world's drug war provoked by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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