UN: in 2015 appears vaccine against Ebola virus

The Ebola virus belongs to the causative agents of especially dangerous diseases. The overwhelming number of cases registered on the African continent. To date there is no treatment that would have saved a man from death. 9 out of 10 people infected with the virus die. According to experts, the vaccine virus was not conducted because there was no funding. African countries are mostly poor. Developed countries are not helped in the work on the vaccine until there was a patient with symptoms of the disease in China.

Now a team of scientists from North America, Europe, Asia working on creating a vaccine against Ebola virus. In September of this year, we plan to conduct the first tests of the prototype. Because professionals don't have time to laboratory research, the first trials will be conducted in Africa, where the virus has spread to most strongly. The final version of the medication should be ready in 2015.

Leading experts working on the vaccine. First of all scientists need to improve the effectiveness of the drug.

The Ebola virus causes destruction of all organs and systems. Reduced clotting ability of the blood, which leads to internal bleeding and gradual decomposition of the patient. Contact with the blood of a sick person is almost one hundred percent probability of infection. The last outbreak of Ebola in Africa claimed 1,000 lives, experts believe that the number of victims will increase. An effective vaccine against the pathogen no.

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