Umbilical hernia in children

Umbilical hernia was the most frequent, occurring in children of small age. And often umbilical hernia appears already in the first month of life. At this stage it is a slight swelling at the navel, which is easily vpravlyaetsya.

Umbilical hernia is a protrusion of an oval or round shape. When small amounts of hernia it may be seen only in case of strong tension of the abdomen (the crying, laughing, coughing). At larger sizes the bulge is visible constantly, and in moments of tension of the abdomen, it greatly increases in size.

A Wake-up call for parents should be the concern of a child arising from the formation of a hernia, it may be in the form of nausea, pain in the bump area, frequent whims.

Reasons for the formation of such a hernia a few. Hernia can be congenital phenomenon, and acquired.

With regard to its treatment, there may also be two - this is a conservative and operative. Not excluded and self-treatment of umbilical hernia, because, as a rule, there is a possibility of complete deliverance from hernia closer to 1 year of life.

With the choice of treatment may be determined only by the attending physician doctor or surgeon who examined the child. If the doctor observes the probability of healing from hernia, in this case the conservative method of diagnosis.

Most often lumbar hernia repair was performed using a special adhesive tape. Adhesive tape is applied around the navel in such a way that the region of the navel presented a crease. This dressing is left for 7 to 10 days, then replaced at least twice. In combination with the adhesive tape is commonly used special exercises and therapeutic massage.

If a four-year loss of hernia is not performed, is assigned to the planned surgical procedure, excluding further complication.

Immediate surgical intervention is performed in the following cases:

- significant increase hernia in sizes for 1 - 2 years of life;

- hernia does not fall within 4 years;

- is complicated by obstruction of the bowel;

- there is a risk of crushing.

During the surgical procedure is lumbar hernia and the stitching of the umbilical ring, there is a small incision in the skin folds. Postoperative recovery period takes approximately 1 - 2 weeks.

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