Umbilical hernia - causes, symptoms and treatment

Many parents are often faced with the same problem as umbilical hernia in infants. However, not only the young children suffer from this disease. There are cases of occurrence of this disease in adults.

What is umbilical hernia: causes, symptoms and treatment? It turns out that there are several causes of high pressure inside the abdominal cavity, which provokes the occurrence of umbilical hernia in adults. These reasons are considered to be:

• Obesity,

• Multiple pregnancy (for women)

• The accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the abdomen (ascites),

• Unsuccessful surgery,

• Congenital deformity of the umbilical ring, not shown themselves in childhood,

• Sedentary lifestyle,

• Large disproportionate exercise,

• Abdominal trauma,

• Chronic diseases associated with persistent constipation, cough, flatulence,

• Sudden weight loss due to strict diets or long illness.

All this weakens the anterior wall of the abdomen, umbilical ring. And as a consequence umbilical hernia.

There are several symptoms that indicate any disease:

• Some swelling at the navel, disappearing in the supine position. The first period of the protrusion vpravlyaetsya manually, then not amenable to correction.

• Extension of the umbilical ring.

• Pain in the abdomen with a strong cough and weight lifting.

• Frequent bouts of nausea.

• Regular constipation.

• The emergence of spontaneous burps.

• Violation of urination.

When such symptoms it is necessary to urgently go to the doctor for examination and diagnosis of the disease. Optimal: to call the doctor and lying on his back waiting for his coming. Lack of treatment can lead to complications in the form of infringement of hernia, gangrene bag, intestinal obstruction and death.

Treatment is determined by the physician. Any use of folk ways and recipes treatment of umbilical hernia repair should be carried out with the permission and on the recommendations of the attending physician. But most often for the treatment of adults used surgical intervention. This produces some (individually or comprehensively) the following manipulations:

• Sewn umbilical ring.

• Placed in the preperitoneal channel under the skin, a special grid.

• The umbilical ring is placed on the grid.

When no surgical intervention because of some chronic diseases for treatment use regular wearing of a bandage, special exercises to strengthen muscles, a special diet.

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Prevention of umbilical hernia is strong abdominal muscles, an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.

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