Ultrasound of the kidneys: the main time!

Ecological situation in the city, polluted water, regular medications, improper diet, the lifestyle of modern man often lead to kidney disease or to the development of urolithiasis, but kidney disease is not the most difficult problem for today's medicine. Of course, if you delay treatment, the disease can lead to complications for the genitourinary system.

However, the danger lies in the fact that many diseases are not clearly defined symptoms, so learn about them, the patients are already at an advanced stage. It is therefore extremely important for timely diagnosis - ultrasound examination of the kidneys.

Ultrasound is indicated for suspected kidney disease - with frequent headaches when lifting blood pressure, puffiness of the face and pastoznost century, back pain, leg edema, mocheispuskaniem. A good doctor will always conduct additional tests, and the sooner ultrasound will be done - the faster you will have an accurate diagnosis, and therefore will have the right treatment.

The ultrasound procedure is harmless and does not require special training, protivoanemi to her virtually no.

Ultrasound reveals the shape of the kidney, location, condition of the tissues. A visual assessment of body doctor can determine the presence of cystic formations, concretions, pathology, tumor, obstruction or extension.

During the ultrasound the doctor-diagnostician can determine the sizes of the kidneys, to identify the stretching, reduction, change in the structure of the kidneys, their shape and form, location. To identify benign tumors on them and malignancy ( cancer, nephroblastoma), inflammation.

Ultrasound is performed in the supine position, scanning the possibility of several methods, most often the transabdominal method.

Ultrasound of the kidneys in Kiev you can protiv "family health Clinic", where high-level professionals using modern apparatus to quickly and accurately establish the diagnosis and the doctor will prescribe necessary treatment.

Remember that lower back pain, morning puffiness under the eyes - the first symptoms requiring ultrasound examination of the kidneys.

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