Ultrasound of the fetus at different stages of pregnancy

Ultrasonic irradiation (US) helps to identify various diseases and pathologies at an early stage. Modern woman who chooses to become a mother, you just need to undergo ultrasound of the fetus. Forty years ago we started to use this diagnosis and medicine is not without serious examination. This allows pregnant women to assess the state of her pregnancy to prevent improper development of the fetus at an early stage, its pros and cons, to determine a more accurate date of delivery. And yet, knowing what sex the child will be very helpful to the parents of the unborn child to prepare mentally and financially to those who have born a boy or a girl.

Ultrasound of the fetus is carried out at all stages of pregnancy, but the first examination of pregnancy should occur no later than 12 weeks. This is necessary in order to better and safer your pregnancy the mother. Early detection of fruit, will allow you to be aware of the doctor and the child's parents.

That reveals an ultrasound of the fetus?

1. The pregnancy.

2. The exact duration of pregnancy.

3. Pathology in early pregnancy.

4. Sexual characteristics of the child.

The ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy

The purpose of the ultrasound at this time is to define a fertilized egg in the uterus and the exact date of conception, the presence of bile bag, assessment of the thickness and localization of chorionic villi. In 11 weeks or more ultrasound may reveal problems such as cystic skid, frozen, tubal (ectopic)pregnancy, detachment of the chorion. And also, it is possible to detect pathology of abnormal development of the embryo, such as hydrocephalus and characteristic symptoms of down syndrome. This examination will help the doctor decide on the preservation of the fetus and its treatment. But, perhaps, about the necessity of abortion.

An ultrasound of the fetus in the second trimester of pregnancy

In the embryo from 18 to 23 weeks formed the circulatory system and internal organs. Specialist precision can evaluate the correctness of their development and to identify possible diseases and pathology.

Perform ultrasounds in the third trimester of pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy also needs to ultrasound, it will recognize the weak development of the fetus, its shortcomings somatic development. Ultrasound diagnosis in this pregnancy is a great way to timely identify fetal mental retardation of the fetus. If you miss this period of development of the child after its birth will remain the likelihood of mental abnormalities and subsequent years of his life. Ultrasound of the fetus gives an opportunity not to miss the need for treatment, and will bring a new organism in norm.

The study of the cardiovascular system controls the operation of the fetal heart, pulsation of the vessels, the blood circulation in the placenta and umbilical cord. Modern and timely study using ultrasound will detect the slightest deviation in the development of the skeleton of a child, deviations in the digestive tract, peripheral and Central nervous systems, urogenital system of the unborn child.

A pregnant woman without any obstacles will be written and adopted for screening ultrasound of the fetus on its first demand.

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