Ultrasound and magnets will help in the treatment of cancer

Scientists from Nanyang technological University of Singapore has developed an innovative way to deliver the drugs directly into cancer cells. If big breakthroughs in the field of chemotherapy in recent years, methods for delivery of chemicals to tumors is constantly being improved. Note, most of them are still in the experimental phase.

Team of specialists created the bubbles and caused them to iron oxide nanoparticles. With the help of the magnet and under the control of ultrasound the mass can be directed into the tumor, obtaining a positive effect from therapy with minimal side effects.

Now the chemotherapy drugs used in standard regimens. Medicines affect the entire body. Only a small dose reaches the tumor, the remaining volume enters the lungs, the liver and other organs. There is a chance that new methods of delivery of chemotherapeutic agents significantly improve the prognoses of cancer patients.

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