Ultrasound - a new contraception for men

Ultrasound equipment used for physical therapy, can be used as a means of male contraception, according to scientists from the University of North Carolina.

Based on experiments on laboratory rats, the researchers found that commercially available equipment can make men not fertile due to decrease sperm count.

Scientists have subjected the testes of the male rats of the high-frequency ultrasonic treatment, heating them up to 37 degrees. It turned out that two 15-minute ultrasound sessions on the first and on the third day reduce the index of sperm to zero!

Unlike humans, rats fertile even with low sperm count, however, non-invasive ultrasonic treatment did even such vysokoperedelnyh males are not able to conceive offspring.

While more research is needed to determine how long the level of sperm will remain low, and safe is this procedure for children. Indeed, research on animals and people often do not give similar results.

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