Ultrasonic teeth cleaning in modern dental practices

In modern dental practices applied a wide range of techniques professional hygiene care for the oral cavity. One of the main procedures, proven as the most effective means to remove hard and soft deposits from the teeth, is ultrasonic cleaning, implemented as a preventive measure to prevent dental disease and return the natural whiteness of the tooth enamel and as an auxiliary procedure before treatment or restoration of teeth.

Until recently, traditional dentistry offered two basic ways of dealing with such common problems as plaque and remove Tartar build - chemical and mechanical cleaning. Similar procedures were characterized by relatively low efficiency and high degree of damage to tooth enamel. Technological stage of development of the dental industry has enabled us to offer highly effective, painless and safe alternative to the old medical technologies, embodied in a laser ultrasonic cleaning.

In terms of technology ultrasonic teeth cleaning is carried out with the aid of a special device - scaler (scaler) generating ultrasound waves. During the procedure the tooth surface of a patient treated oxygen-containing substance , which under the influence of ultrasonic flow reacts, damaging deposits on the surface of tooth enamel. Ultrasonic vibration promotes the penetration of cleaning chemicals in hard to reach areas of the mouth, thus allowing cleaning not only the exposed surfaces of the teeth, but also hard-to-reach areas, in particular, washed with periodontal channels.

The final stage of the procedure, the total length of which does not exceed one hour, is polishing tooth enamel by applying a special fluoride gel. The visual effect after this procedure fully become apparent after 1.5 - 2 hours when tooth enamel become whiter 3-5 colors.

Despite its safety, ultrasonic cleaning is the list of contra-indications restricting use to certain categories of patients:

Experts recommend to carry out such cleaning once every six months to a year, making in addition to the obvious aesthetic appeal, it will be possible to prevent such unpleasant problems like bleeding gums, tooth decay, odor in the oral cavity.

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