Ultrasonic peeling facial

One of the most popular procedures today is facial cleansing or peeling. It can be carried out by different methods: mechanical, vacuum, laser, but is most often used ultrasonic peeling.

Application of ultrasonic peeling justified because ultrasound can clean the skin without injury. It is completely painless. Ultrasound is also used on the skin of any type, even one that has visible signs of rosacea. Such services are provided by any modern cosmetic clinic.

Application of ultrasound in cosmetic procedures gives the following results:

• Cleanse the skin from pollution caused by external factors;

• Remove non-viable cells of the epidermis;

• Reducing the size of the fat glands;

• Ultrasound makes the micro massage of the skin, helping to improve blood circulation. Therefore, the skin faster rejuvenated, accelerated division of new cells faster and deleted the old ones.

Ultrasonic peeling facial skin, it is desirable to be many women who want to achieve rejuvenation of the face and to remove visible signs of aging. Ultrasound significantly improves the color of the skin, moisturizes it. Due to the fact that improves lymph flow, cleaned away the swelling from the face.

Ultrasound also reduces the stratum corneum on the skin. Therefore the same effect as when applying various therapeutic and cosmetic masks.

The procedure is very simple and does not require additional preparation. The only thing required is a careful removing makeup from the skin. To the ultrasound deeply penetrated into the skin, moisturizes it. The emitter in the form of a metal blades are gentle on the skin. The client does not feel any bad effects on the skin, because the doctor soft movements leads her across the face.

The cleaning session usually lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes. If during the peeling creams are applied and massage products, the duration of the treatment increases.

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After cleaning, no need special skin care. Also there is no sign of irritation. It is safe to continue to use conventional cosmetic preparations for care of the skin.

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