Ultrasonic cleaning person - pros and cons

Facial cleansing is a procedure that can effectively clean the skin, to get rid of dead skin cells and to normalize the sebaceous glands. Experts in the field of cosmetology is practiced by conducting both mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning, which is gaining popularity among the clients of beauty salons.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face is a completely noninvasive procedure that allows the maximum quality to clean the skin. Under the influence of ultrasound increases the formation of collagen in the skin, activates the redox processes, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth.

Upon contact with the skin, the device for cleaning the face creates vibration, which contributes to enlarged pores for cleansing even those of the sebaceous glands that are heavily clogged with traffic jams sebum. The effect of micro-massage has beneficial effects on the skin. Removing old layers of cells is completely painless. During the session, the person is experiencing quite a pleasant sensation.

Ultrasonic cleaning provides:

• effective cleansing of the skin;

• relief smoothing, softening scars and irregularities;

• healthy skin;

• quality hydration and nutrition;

• elimination of black spots;

• narrowing dilated pores;

• swelling;

• deliverance sensitive skin from rashes, redness, acne;

• lifting effect.

Ultrasonic cleaning is shown to the owners of mixed or oily skin types that suffer from enlarged pores and excessive paleness of the face, as well as people who suffer from acne. The cost of the procedure which lasts about half an hour, is just over a thousand. Cleaning can be done at any time of the year. It does not cause any allergic reactions. To consolidate the results in ten days, experts recommend to repeat the procedure.

As with all cosmetic procedures, ultrasonic cleaning has a number of contraindications. Do not neglect this information, as this can lead to all sorts of undesirable consequences.

Face cleaning using ultrasound prohibited if:

• the presence of cancer or infectious diseases in the acute form;

• neuralgia trifoliate nerve;

• skin diseases (herpes, eczema, and other);

• facial paralysis.

It is undesirable to carry out ultrasonic cleaning of the face after the procedure, "the Golden thread", chemical peeling, maxillofacial surgery, with dilated blood vessels and capillaries of the skin.

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